Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 24: Evidence in a Case-Based Essay

Today you will learn:
  • How to use two different types of evidence (qualitative vs. quantitative) to support your position statement in a case-based essay
  • Use 4-step rebuttal strategies to defend their argument against (potential) criticism and evidence contrary to their position. 
  • Qualify and moderate a claim effectively.
Class Today:
  • Warm-Up: What was wrong with the bad case based analysis? Turn in your answers on compass for a quiz grade. (10 minutes only!)
  • Last class you learned how to write a problem and position statement (introduction). Today we will learn how support your body (evidence).
  • Evidence (body):
    • What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative based evidence?
      • Quantitative Evidence: Any support for your argument that can be expressed as a number (e.g., statistics, calculations). 
      • Qualitative Evidence: Any support for your argument that cannot be quantified (e.g. historical narrative, policies, logical explanation that appeals to common sense, shared knowledge, beliefs and values between the reader and the writer)
      • Do Task 1 of Evidence Handout
    • Addressing Contrary Evidence and Alternative Options 
      • How would you handle alternative points?
      • Do Task 2 & 3 of Evidence Handout in your groups. I will help you.
        • Discuss answers
      • Do Task 4 of Evidence Handout in your groups. I will help you.
        • Discuss answers
    • Hedging Language

1. Write a draft of your problem & position statement (introduction) and turn it into compass. This is due by Sunday, November 16th  at midnight. This will be part of your homework/participation grade.
2. The first full draft of your case based essay is due November 23rd by midnight.
3. Read the following GE Essay. There will be a quiz next Tuesday. Think about what headings you would use based on what we have done in class.

Class Materials:
Next Class:  Outlining the Body & Action Plan (Conclusion)

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