Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 16- Outlining Continued and Visual Aids

Today you will learn:

  • How to apply outlining to develop a good presentation.
  • How to develop a strong visual aid for an effective presentation.
Class Today:
Next Class:
Finish visual aids, oral presentation delivery

1. Develop a first draft of your powerpoint presentation by Monday at 6 pm. Upload your powerpoint to Compass2g. Save the file as "TeamMemberFirstNamesFirstDraft.ppt." 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 15- Introduction to Oral Presentation: Creating Effective Teams & Presentation Outline

Today you will learn:
  • How to develop a good team for an effective oral presentation.
  • How to structure an outline in an oral presentation.
Class Today:
  • Introduction to Oral Presentation
    • As a group, present on a business topic for approximately 20 minutes. 
    • Must use a visual aid.
    • Must include all members of the group.
    • Read this prompt for more information.
  • Warm-up
    • Discuss in groups what experiences you have in public speaking. How have you used public speaking in business? Have you ever had to do group presentations? What are two benefits and two difficulties from doing group work? Share your answers with the class.
  • Think on your feet activity
    • Pick one of these topics and make a 3 minute presentation with your group members:
      • How to make your favorite dish.
      • Your favorite place to visit.
      • Rent an apartment in the US.
      • Do another favorite hobby/activity
  • First group decision: Choose a topic
    • Decide on a business topic you want to present and get approval from me. 
    • Every group must do a different topic.
    • Please put your choice in this spreadsheet
  • (If time) Come up with a loose outline.
Next Class: Continue Presentation Outline and start Visual Aids

1. Choose a topic and post it in this spreadsheet.
2. Use this outline handout to help you develop an outline for your presentation.