Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 23-Problem and Position Statement

Today You Will Learn:

  • How to explain what case-based essay is and its three essential components: position statement, evidence and action plan
  • How to describe the three most common types of case-based essays and their different foci: decision, problem and evaluation essay
Class Today:

  • Warm-Up:
    • In this google doc, write what you think is important in a case study. Why? (5 minutes)
  • Discuss this handout
  • In groups of 3-4, discuss these questions and share your answers on google docs:
    • Have you written a case-based essay or case analysis before? If so, what was the purpose and the topic? Was it one of the three types described above?  
    •    How did you structure the writing? What did you put in the beginning, the middle, and the end?
  • Return to handout
  • In the same groups, discuss these two articles:
    • 1. Heineken Case Analysis
    • 2. Wal-Mart Case Analysis 
      • Does each paper includes all three parts described above and if it follows the same order described above. Discuss why they do or do not follow the same order and structure. 
  • Position and Problem Statement Powerpoint
  • Group Presentation
Class Materials:

1. Read this bad case analysis on Heineken.  Be prepared for an in-class quiz on the reading.
2. Finish Plagiarism reflection

Next Class:
Evidence in a case based essay

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