Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 28- Review, Party, and ICES Forms

Class Today:
1. Collocations

  • Worksheet
  • Login to COCA with my information
    • Username:
    • PW: ESL505

2. Preposition Handout
This comes from the book, Advanced Grammar in Use by Martin Hewings. I highly recommend purchasing it as a reference book!

3. Party

  • Evaluate me! I will leave the room and you fill out ICES forms. 
  • Please feel free to put comments! I do read these and discuss them with my peers. 
  • Please don't forget to fill out the top part of the form. Here is a picture: 

  • Someone will need to volunteer to drop off the forms in the mailbox. You must go to the lobby of the Foreign Language Building and put the folder in this mailbox:
  • After you finish ICES, you may leave :) 

1. Bring the handout I gave you to our conference next week. This spreadsheet lists when you are supposed to attend.
2. Write a final reflection of 250-400 words. This is worth 2.5% of grade. Turn the assignment into Compass2g by December 15th at MIDNIGHT.
3. Final version of your case-based essay is December 15th by NOON.  Turn the essay into the Unit 4 Case Based Essay folder. No late assignments will be accepted. You may e-mail me earlier drafts. 


1. Collocations Worksheet (Answers)
2. Conference Handout
3. COCA Website
4. Advanced Grammar in Use by Martin Hewings

Next Class: Meet me for conference!