Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 26: Integrating PIE and Cohesion into a Decision Case-Based Essay

Class Today:
1. Review Outlining
  • In groups of 3, discuss was hardest about writing an outline. We will discuss your answers after 5 minutes.
2. PIE
Now we have an outline! But to develop the paragraphs we need PIE.
  • Get in pairs, one student will be student A and the other one will be student B. Read the paragraphs to your partner. Ask your partner if the phrase is a P, I, or E. If your partner does not know the answer, you can help. Do not show the answers!
  • Next,  download this paragraph and highlight it according to instructions. Do this with your partner.
3. Cohesion
Now you know how to develop your paragraph, but how can you make sure it makes sense?
  • In groups, brainstorm words you have used to make your writing easier to understand.
  • Then in groups of 3, do this cohesion worksheet together.

4. Putting it all together
Working on integrating PIE and cohesion into your first body paragraph from your outline.
  • If we have time, we will do a mini peer review. 

Next Class: Peer-Review

1. The first draft of your case-based essay is due November 23rd by Midnight.
2. Have a great Thanksgiving break!

1. Answers to PIE paragraph
2. Cohesion Answer Key

Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 25: Outlining a Decision Case-Based Essay and Action Plan

Class Today:
1. Quiz: I will give you 10 minutes to summarize the article. Submit your answer to compass for a quiz grade.

2. Warm-up: Can you guess what the five headings were? Hint: you already know the first one! Share your ideas in this google doc.
Answer: 1. Problem & Position Statement 2. Decision Options 3. Decision Criteria 4. Decision Options 5. Disadvantages of Recommendation 6. Action Plan
3. Jigsaw Activity
I will give you a part of the article and a heading from a different article. In your groups, summarize the section of the article you received. When you are done summarizing, talk to other groups to find the correct heading of your article.

4. Powerpoint

5. Action Plan Activity
Read the action plan from the GE case and the action plan from the Whistler case, here. What are the four main elements of an action plan?  What kind of information is included in each section? Discuss with your group.

6. Work on your outline (if time)

Class Materials:
Outline Powerpoint
Action Plans
Action Plan Powerpoint
Greenpeace/Facebook Article
Outline Guidelines

1. First draft of your entire case study essay is due Sunday, November 23rd by Midnight.
2. If I told you to rewrite your Position/Problem statement, please rewrite and turn into compass by 7AM on Thursday.
3.  Turn in your outline to compass by 7AM on Thursday.

Next class:
Writing an action Integrating PIE and coherence into a decision case-based essay