Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 11- Writing a Good Summary

Today you will learn:
  • How to write a good summary by:
    • Finding the main ideas from a summary
    • Writing a good thesis statement that focuses on the most important main idea in the article.
    • Writing strong supporting paragraphs and a good conclusion sentence
    • Use reporting verbs to make your writing more coherent
Class Today:
1. Read and annotate one of these articles:
2. After annotating, write a thesis statement, three supporting ideas, and a conclusion sentence. You do not need to write paragraphs yet. Please do this for class on Thursday.
3. You should finish the plagiarism tutorial on compass by Wednesday, October 1st at NOON.
4. First draft of summary is due Saturday, October 4th by Midnight.
5. Final draft of summary is due Saturday, October 11th by Midnight.

Next Class:
1. Review Summarizing
2. Using Transition words
3. Documenting Sources

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 10- Continue Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting

You will learn today:
1. How to write a paraphrase well.
2. How to annotate a reading, so you can understand a reading more clearly.
3. What a summary is and how to use it in your writing.

Class Today:
  • Announcements:
    • Responses to IEF
      • Course Website Explanation
      • Group Work Vs. Individual Work
      • Gap between other classes? 
  • Summarizing
    • Warm-up: In groups discuss ways you use summarizing for assignments in this class or others. 
    • What is a summary? Let's look at Summary: Part I powerpoint
    • How to annotate a reading
1. Read and annotate "The Ketchup Conundrum." I strongly suggest printing it out.
2. Read and answer the comprehension questions for "The Ketchup Conundrum," here.

Next Class: Continue Summarizing