Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 6- Writing a Reader Centered Memo

Class Today:
1. Review Writing Persuasively
  • What are the four components of writing persuasively? (hint: AIDA)
2. Writing a "you" oriented memo.
  • Warm-up
    • What's wrong with this memo?
    • Now check out the revised memo. How is this an improvement?
  • While I show you this powerpoint, follow along with this handout.
  • Now, revise this memo to be more "you" oriented.
  • Answers to handout, here.
  • Answer to revised memo, here.
Next Class: Review "You" orientation, PIE Paragraph Development, Workshop

1. I will have feedback on your Memo revision by the end of the weekend. The final draft of your Memo Revision is due September 23rd by 4PM. If an assignment is late, the grade drops 25% every day.

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