Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 5-Memo & Purpose

Class Today:
1. Contribute to Assignment Anthology. Click this link.
2. Review Audience Analysis and Types of Memos
  • What type of memo is this memo? Why?
  • Who is the audience? Why?

3. Deciding Purpose in a Memo-Writing Persuasively
  • Watch this prezi. After each point, refer the paragraph on p. 106 in our textbook.
  • How would you adapt your memos to be more persuasive? 

Next Class: Writing a Reader Centered-Memo, Memo Workshop

1. The first draft of the Diagnostic Memo Revision is due Thursday, September 11th by 4PM. Please turn in your draft to compass. Remember this is just a draft.

2. Read Ch. 5 of Improving Business Communication Skills and then evaluate your memos based on the checklist on page 115. Bring your draft to class on Thursday.

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