Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 7-Paragraph Development, Memo Workshop

Class Today:
1. Announcements
  • Writers' Workshop
  • Getting Extra Help
  • EPT Test
  • Office Hours
2. Review Writing a Reader Centered Memo
  • What are some ways to make a memo "you" or reader oriented? List two ways in this shared google doc
3. Paragraph Development for Memos and Beyond
4. Peer-Review Workshop
  • Find a partner and read each other's memos. 
  • Use this handout to guide you.

Next Class: Avoiding Plagiarism

1. Do the following:
  • Read my feedback on your draft. Revise.
  • Read the feedback from a classmate. Revise.
  • In other words, revise :)

2. The final draft of the Memo Diagnostic Revision is due September 23rd by 4PM. Every day the assignment is late, the grade will drop 25%. Weekends are included. A day is a day.

3. Read Revision and Rhodes. Answer these questions in preparation for our discussion.

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