Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 4- Memo Audience

Class Today:
1. Announcements
  • SEC
2. Review Memo Basics
  • Look at the the sample memo I will give you. Evaluate it based on:
    • The 7 C's
    • What we learned about Memos on Tuesday 
  • Then, write how you would change the memo.
3. Memo & Audience

  • First, watch let's watch these three youtube videos. 
    • One, two, three
      • Who is the audience in each of these videos? Why?
  • Using this handout to help you, design a presentation in groups persuading one of the following groups to eat at McDonalds.
    • A child under 10
    • A Health-Conscious Business Person
    • A Graduate Student
    • A Couple with 3 Children

Next Class: Memo & Purpose

1. pg. 68 Exercise 7 "Courtesy" based on reading pg.54
2. pg 95 Exercise 1 "Identifying Direct and Indirect Writing Strategies" based on reading pg.87-90
3. pg. 95 Exercise 2 "Positive Writing Strategies" based on reading pg.93-94

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